Xolos I have Known

My Xolos Through the Years

Most of my early recollections include Xolos. As you can see our first dogs were of the nude variety!

It didn't matter where we went, or what tragedy befell, we always had Xolos to love. Above is Monina in the center. She was a twin one with black hair one with red hair. Next came Pedasos: She wasn't the most beautiful but was surely the most loved:

and, she was a great mother. Next came Muppet 1 by the way, that's the top of a sock he's wearing as a sweater:

There were a series of Muppets in my youth, a Chico, a Raisin and a Pony. Then when Pedasos died of natural causes at 14, there was a long Xolo draught in my life. When I was adult a friend gave me a pair of puppies from one litter 1/2 Xolo & 1/2 Doberman. Here are Cowboy and his brother:

Precious, huh? Unfortunately they succumbed to distemper. I then got my baby Freckles!

Freckles met Shamu.....

and I found out what a great mother Freckles could be (just didn't get her fixed quite fast enough)

This unlucky union brought me Sachi and Ariel and I couldn't have been happier!

and Piglet... (she's the small one in the upper left corner)

Over the course of two years, a neighbor's dogs broke into the yard and killed Shamu, Ariel and Piglet. It was hearbreaking. Freckles and Sachi are still with us and are doing very well.



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